Journey with the Owls by David Evers, Ph.D. and Kate Taylor


On this Journey with the Owls, travel with conservation biologists Dr. David Evers and Kate Taylor, along with guest owl researchers, for a glimpse into the natural history of the owl species that reside across North America—from the exquisite Snowy Owl of the Arctic tundra, to the iconic Great Grays of the boreal forest, the Elf Owl of the desert canyons.

In his Foreword, author and field biologist Jeff Fair speaks of his personal journey with owls as “more romance than research” while eloquently describing their unique calls and silent wings.

Paul Bannick’s stunning images of these wild birds foster an intimacy between viewer and subject, inspiring education and conservation.

The companion DVD includes owl calls of each of the species featured in this book.


Published by Willow Creek Press. Hardcover. 2015 | 160 Pages | 10 x 8



Price: $27.95 (USD)